Cyber Security Awareness Programs

Training your staff to handle security.

Every employee is concerned.

Cyber security is not solely an IT problem, in fact every employee should be concerned. What is the point of implementing strong firewall policies if the receptionist will hand over her password to a spoofed email user? Cyber security awareness needs to be raised at every level of a company, from management to accounting, from IT to marketing. Your business depends on it.

Silent Breach offers training classes and awareness programs to companies, in a convenient remote or on-site package. All Silent Breach trainers are senior and seasoned staff members, with extensive experience in training in the public, private and military sectors.


Why is security awareness important?

Over 85% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error.

Social engineering is a current favorite tactic among cyber criminals because it involves psychological manipulation of victims and only requires a low technical background. Phishing is another favorite attack vector where spoofed and phony emails trick employees in installing malware and backdoors on their computers.

As in most computerized environments, the human is usually the weakest link.

Training your employee to recognize attacks and encouraging them to question the source of some emails can go a long way in today's modern work environment.

Who should participate in cyber security awareness training?

Any employee that has access to a work related computer is at risk of exposing the company, which in today's world is almost everyone in the company. Equipping your employees with knowledge and skills to protect your company is key.

Your employees are your first line of defense against cyber attacks, this is where cyber security awareness training comes into play. By training them into defending your company, the chances of being compromised are lowered and damage to your brand can be avoided.


How can I protect my company on an ongoing basis?

Because the threat landscape is changing on a daily basis, it is important to consider cyber security training not as a single shot solution, but more of an ongoing program that needs to be enforced on a regular basis, especially when new staff members join the company.

Combined with our penetration tests services, Silent Breach can simulate phishing and social engineering attacks to test your staff and make sure they respond as expected. Any gaps found in the responses can be use to re-adjust the training program and improve the response for the next simulated attack.

Further more, Silent Breach can assist in implement an incident response plan and a business continuity program to make sure that in case of an attack, your company is well-prepared to react in a timely fashion.