Incident detection and response

Be prepared.


If you have been in business long enough, then you probably already know that it is not if you will be compromised, it's when. How well you can detect an attack and how fast you can respond is key to protecting your data and resuming your day to day operations.

Incident detection is challenging by itself - chances are you may already be compromised but you don't know it yet! It is not uncommon for attackers to cover their tracks and lie dormant until the right moment to strike comes, or to use your servers as a base to strike one, or all, of your high profile customers or partners.



Root kits and back doors

Gaining access once to a system is not enough, attackers want to be able to connect back later and most importantly, cover their footprints. Root kits accomplish exactly that, they are installed on the infected host to mask the attackers traces and offer a back door that can be easily accessed later.

Fortunately, root kits can be detected, and removed.

Forensics and steganography

Everybody leaves tracks, but detecting those traces in the huge amount of traffic that your corporate web server is exposed to is the challenge. Silent Breach uses proprietary tools to focus on the information that is really relevant, and capture data relative to a breach.


What is your contingency plan ?

So an attack has been detected or is in progress -now what ? Do you have an emergency plan, or pro-active measures for damage control? Do you have security policies and procedures to handle this situation ? Do you have backups and high availability servers ?

Silent Breach can help you define and implement efficient security measures that will help you address imminent or past attacks.

Business continuity

Making sure that your business continues to operate, even under an attack is critical. Silent breach helps you respond to an attack while making sure you business is still afloat. Silent breach is compliant with the ISO/IEC 27031:2011 standard and security techniques for business continuity for information and communication technology.



Rescue plan

Resilience and contingency are key to recovery. Security is also making sure your critical data is backed up safely, that you critical servers are replicated geographically in other locations, and that your business can pick up where it left off.

Silent Breach also offer advisory and consulting services for business continuity, and compliance. Please visit our Governance, Risk and Compliance page for more details.

Advisory Services

Incident Response Retainer Program

Our Incident Respond Retainer Program is available for download, please review what we have to offer and compare it with the market. Silent Breach offers the most value for your money compared to our competitors, please contact one of our representatives to get a personalized quote.