If you've ever been in a board meeting when the topic of cybersecurity came up, then you may have noticed the uncomfortable silences and predictable inaction. The reason for this is often simple: startups often don't see themselves as viable targets and are already under immense financial strain. However, recent high-profile breaches have convinced many that cybersecurity is simply non-negotiable.


Too small to be a target?

No one would want to hack a barely known startup, right? Wrong. Most cyber-attacks are now run by automated scripts which seek out vulnerable systems and software regardless of size or prestige. Due to their lack of investment in cybersecurity as well as their limited resources, small companies often make the perfect targets. Remember, it is usually not your fame that is most valuable to hackers, but the information you handle. Poorly protected passwords, financial accounts or contact information is valuable no matter where they come from.

Furthermore, investors are discovering that a data breach could compromise their investment, and are seeking to protect their assets. Think of cybersecurity as an insurance policy for your VC's investments.

With Quantum Armor™ for Startups you can:

  • Implement an all-in-one cloud security and attack surface monitoring tool.
  • Ensure compliance from the get-go. Quantum Armor supports GDPR, CCPA, PCI, CIS, and more.
  • Stay notified on-the-go with our mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • Hit the ground running, with a cybersecurity platform that takes less than an hour to set up.
  • Gain instant visibility into your network with our user dashboards, optimized for simplicity and flexibility.

Silent Breach can help you define a security strategy that is within your budget, reduce your attack surface, and find cost effective solutions for SMEs.

Tailored Services for Startups

Cloud Configuration

All of our engagements are end-to-end tailored to your organzation's specific environment. No matter which tools and services you rely on, we will pair you with the ideal resources to ensure that your Cloud Configuration and Security Assessment is as effective and efficient as possible.

Source Code

Silent Breach is the only major cybersecurity company that will refund you your deposit if we are unable to discover major security flaws in your code. That's the kind of confidence we have in our seasoned analysts, our security methodology and our commitment to total client satisfaction.


Your security is only as good as your weakest link. Silent Breach's Vulnerability Assessments provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your security preparedness and exposures, along with a quantified and concrete list of risks, sorted by priority. This enables your IT team to take the right measures at the right time to keep you protected.

Incident Detection and Response

Our Incident Detection and Response services can help you secure your networks by constantly monitoring your network systems for malicious activity. Furthermore, Silent Breach's 24/7/365 managed IR services are designed to effectively respond to today's evolving threats before they impact your business.

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact one of our friendly representatives for a fully customized security package to meet your organization's specific timeline and requirements.