Quantum Protect

Intelligent External Defense

What is External Defense?

Your attack surface is the sum of every attack vector that can be used to breach your perimeter defenses. In other words, it is the total quantity of information you are exposing to the outside world. Typically, the larger the attack surface, the more opportunities hackers will have to find a weak link which they can then exploit to breach your network.

Quantum Armor's external defense capabilities places a powerful shield around the entire perimeter of your attack surface, reducing it to a single fortified point of contact. With Quantum Armor as your "front door", the primary attack surface is moved away from critical content, data, code and infrastructure. By transitioning to external defense, any incoming attacks or asset discovery attempts are forcibly repelled without ever affecting the home-base environment.

Integration is key

Reducing your attack surface is the best way to disrupt cyber attacks and close the door on any future threats. Don't give hackers any opportunities to get in; Quantum Armor will find your weakest links and help you eliminate them.

Quantum Armor deploys a powerful buffer zone around your digital perimeter, significantly minimizing your network exposure. Furthermore, our Threat Intelligence engine works around the clock to flag any potential exposures across the Deep and Dark Web.

Quantum Armor is the only platform to integrate web application, cloud, social, and deep web security into a single seamless solution.

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Introducing Quantum Protect

Quantum Armor is on a mission to provide organizations with the cutting-edge in intelligent external defense. Quantum Protect supports this in three ways:

1. Once our digital buffer is deployed, your attack surface, representing the totality of their digital exposure, is reduced significantly and instantaneously.

2. Any incoming attacks or asset discovery attempts are forcibly repelled without ever affecting the home-base environment.

3. Data gathered in the process is automatically fed back into the Quantum Armor engine to help prepare for future threats.

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Intelligent By Design

Quantum Armor peers with thousands of Tier 1/2/3 telecom carriers globally, is well connected with all major access networks for optimal performance, and has hundreds of terabits of deployed capacity.

It is supported by a fully redundant, multiple 100GbE parallel fiber that circles the globe and links with tens of thousands of networks for improved origin fetches and dynamic content acceleration.

To deliver content to end users with lower latency, Quantum Armor uses a global network of 410+ Points of Presence in 90+ cities across 48 countries.

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Anti-DDoS Shield

A flexible, layered security perimeter against multiple types of attacks including network and application layer DDoS attacks. Quantum Protect provides a scalable, reliable, and high-performance security perimeter for applications and content.

SSL Hardening

Quantum Armor provides a number of TLS optimizations and advanced capabilities such as full/half bridge HTTPS connections, OCSP stapling, Session Tickets, Perfect Forward Secrecy, TLS Protocol Enforcements and Field-Level Encryption.

Advanced WAF

With Signed URLs and Signed Cookies, Token Authentication is supported to restrict access to only authenticated viewers. Through geo-restriction capability, users can be prevented in specific geographic locations from accessing content that is distributed through Quantum Protect.


Quantum Protect infrastructure and processes are all compliant with PCI-DSS Level 1, HIPAA, and ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019, SOC (1, 2 and 3), FedRAMP Moderate and more to ensure secure delivery for sensitive data.