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Mike Johnson, Senior Network Admin at AT&T, starting his day in San Jose, California. Before the day begins, a report with the latest IDS alerts and notifications has arrived in his email inbox.

I didn't think Silent Breach could really help me, the situation was just catastrophic. Within 4 weeks, they plugged the holes in our customer's firewall and tweaked our application server. It's been working like a charm ever since!

Mike Johnson Senior Network Admin, AT&T managed services

What about Julius Ordrea, CTO at New Mobile Ventures? Here is how we protected his business:

Within one hour of penetration testing, the red team already discovered three separate breaches. I had no idea how badly we were exposed. Thanks, Silent Breach!

Julius Ordrea Chief Technological Officer, New Mobile Ventures

A final word from Ryan Windster, Managing Director at Global Network Systems:

Outstanding service executed in a timely manner; I would definitely recommend Silent Breach to anybody that truly wants to secure their business.

Ryan Windster Managing Director, Global Network Systems