0-day exploits

Our research team uncovers new flaws in popular systems on a regular basis. Our findings are published here.


What is a 0-day exploit ?

A 0-day exploit is a new breach found in a widely deployed application used within a certain industry. A lot of very famous exploits have been uncovered only recently, such as the shellshock bug, or other ssh bugs.

Latest 0-day exploits

Silent Breach Discloses 0-Days on Cloudflare Website

Silent Breach Finds Critical Security Flaws on DoD Network

Silent Breach Listed on Deutsche Telekom Group's Bug Bounty Hall of Fame

Silent Breach Identifies 0-Day Vulnerability on Sony Website

0-Day Discovered in Popular Compression Tool, 7-Zip

Silent Breach reaches AT&T Hall of Fame for Q2 2018

Intel self-XSS vulnerability

AT&T file download vulnerability

Apple Inc. itunes server for Universities - Stored XSS vulnerability

Emby MediaServer 3.2.5 - Stored XSS vulnerability

Wikipedia.org / MediaWiki 1.29.0-wmf.21 - Information Exposure Through Sent Data (CWE0201)

Itech B2B Script 4.29 - Multiple Vulnerabilities

Movie Portal Script 7.36 - Multiple Vulnerabilities