Phishing Simulation and Gaming

Protecting Your Company, The Fun Way

Are Your Social Engineering Measures Effective?

In most organizations, the weakest link in the company's cybersecurity is usually the users. Since most employees are not IT experts, they can often be tricked into handing over credentials, Multi-Factor Authentication codes, or other sensitive information.

While employee training programs have been shown to be effective in countering phishing campaigns, many organizations still struggle with incentivizing employee engagement and participation in security workshops.

Our solution? Realistic phishing simulations that test your employees' real-time preparedness, within a fun and competitive gaming environment. When it comes to social engineering, nothing beats a reality check; and Quantum Training brings reality right to your doorstep.

Phishing Simulator

During simulated campaigns, Silent Breach social hackers have found that a layered attack - combining phishing, vishing, and targeted 'spear phishing' - can critically breach 90% of businesses within one week, all without writing a single line of code.

Test your organization by sending employees realistic (simulated) phishing emails in an attempt to deceive them into clicking faux-malicious links or give up their credentials. The results of the phishing test can be used to help your organization gauge the response rate of employees to various phishing attack scenerios, which you can then feed back into your training program.


Gamified Phishing

Research indicates that gamification increases student engagement by providing incentives for learners to pay attention and complete activities. The added reward, even if intangible, can encourage better listening, performance, and retention.

Our gamified phishing platform provides users with real-world scenarios showing the most popular techniques, tactics, and schemes that hackers are currently using against organizations like yours. In this training campaign, we explain how to avoid email scams, ransomware, unintentional data leaks, travel and public WiFi incidents, and more.

Tailored Security Policies

An effective way to educate employees on the importance of security is by preparing cybersecurity policies which explain each person's specific responsibilities for protecting IT systems and data.

Our Quantum Training platform can be further customized by adding these tailored policies to the relevant employee accounts. These will be displayed on their dashboard so that they can review them at any time.


Topics Covered

Public WiFi Safety

A common risk of working remotely is having to work from public WiFi access points. Learn how to protect your privacy while using public WiFi and other non-trusted networks.

Social Media Security

Social media has made social hacking easier and cheaper than ever before. Learn how to navigate social media securely to avoid exposing sensitive information.

Phishing Defense

Phishing attacks are still incredibly common and surprisingly effective. Avoid the most common traps around phishing and learn to detect malicious phishing attempts.

Shadow IT

Even the most secure applications only work when they're properly utilized. Learn the risks associated with shadow IT and protect your company from unapproved tools.

Privacy Regulations

A growing number of states and organizations are rolling out data regulations. Avoid fines and protect your consumers by learning how to enforce CCPA, GDPR, and more.


New employee onboarding is an optimal time to introduce your staff to your security best practices. Include security awareness training from the get-go.

USB Safety

A malicious thumb drive can install malware such as backdoor Trojans and ransomware. Fortunately, USB threats can be easily avoided with sufficient employee awareness.

Password Safety

Protecting your accounts begins with proper password policies. These include an understanding and enforcement of password complexity, reuse, and storage.