Managed Cyber Defense

Beef up your defense by partnering with global cybersecurity experts.

Stay Protected with a Full Range of Managed Services

With growing demand for richer and more attractive content, the complexity and opportunities for data breaches are growing exponentially. In fact, the attack surface has never been wider than today, and remains difficult to cover even by trained security specialists.

Most companies struggle to notice when they've been hacked, so how can they fix a problem that they don't see? Silent Breach brings you the latest technology to beef up your cyber defense at a fraction of the cost, so that you can focus on what matters most, growing your business.

Data Loss & Ransomware Prevention

Protecting your data is key to protecting your business. Our Data Loss Prevention tools can help detect potential data breaches or data ex-filtration transmissions by monitoring your data in use (endpoint actions), in motion (over the network) or at rest (stored data) via our SOC.

Backup as a service (BaaS) is the best protection against accidental data deletion and ransomware attacks. Instead of worrying about rotating and managing tapes or hard disks at an offsite location, data storage administrators can offload maintenance and management to Silent Breach's SOC. Our qualified ITsec team can handle the day-to-day backup procedures to ensure your business continues to run smoothly.


Blue Team Planning

The key to a strong defense is planning for the worse. Our teams will help you build business continuity plans to make sure you are prepared to defend your business, and organize simulated attacks to test your defense and response plans.

Testing your perimeter defense with practical and concrete exercises should be key to your defense strategy. Our expertise in this area can help you find out what it really takes to compromise your network, all in real-life conditions. Penetration testing is at the core of Silent Breach's mission; nothing beats a reality check.

These real life tests help us better manage your infrastructure and tweak it for maximum security.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Intrusion detection and prevention services help organizations secure their networks by constantly monitoring network systems for malicious activity. Silent Breach's 24/7/365 managed IDS/IPS services are designed to effectively respond to today's evolving threats before they impact your business. By using the latest technologies, our security experts make sure your networks are protected from both known and unknown threats by blocking attacks that might evade traditional firewall defenses.

Furthermore, Silent Breach's proprietary technology Quantum Armor™ allows real-time attack surface monitoring and cloud configuration hardening. Our award-winning technology is taylored to address today's threat landscape, using direct feedback from our penetration testers to most efficiently manage risk.


Mobile Security

Mobile devices represent a huge attack surface, and are by far the most exposed.

Accordingly, efficiently managing mobile endpoints requires a lot of work. Silent Breach uses tools that integrate with most MDMs to efficiently handle threats, compliance issues and other breaches of company policies in real time.

Furthermore, managing access to mobile applications as well as other tools available within a large company can be extremely time-consuming. Offload this tedious task to our 24/7/365 teams so you and your team can remain focused on your core business.

Endpoint Security

Staying up-to-date with patches and configuration change requests can be daunting. Organizations often lose track of which patches they've deployed, and which are still outstanding. This lack of clarity often causes delays, creates remediation gaps and ultimately increases the risk. We can help you stay on top of patch and configuration management so that nothing passes under your radar.

Managing your endpoint antivirus system is yet another tedious task that can be handled by our specialists. In cooperation with the main actors in that market, Silent Breach can handle virus definition updates, daily scans and log management to monitor your assets and detect threats as they arise.


Distributed Denial of Service Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) can pose a serious threat to your organization by taking down your production servers and freezing your operations. Our SOC can host and manage servers to mitigate attacks before they hit your network.

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