Top Four Benefits of Attack Surface Management

Cybersecurity Trends

As Attack Surface Management (ASM) begins to gain traction, here are the top four reasons why it may be the right fit for your organization.     

Network Discovery

The initial stage of any cyberattack is network reconnaissance. During this process, the hackers map out their victim's exposed infrastructure and begin to search for any weak links or potential gaps. Once a vulnerability is discovered, hackers will be able to choose the attack vector with the highest likelihood of success.

By unnecessarily exposing vast portions of their network to the public, companies are unwittingly helping their own attackers. Moreover, many companies still struggle with understanding exactly what their Attack Surface looks like from the outside. Here's where ASM comes in.

ASM tools like Quantum Armor can provide you with a list of exposed assets, complete with data visualization and Shadow IT, with just the click of a button.

Continuous Monitoring

Once you've mapped your Attack Surface, the next step is to monitor it. We've found that it takes companies up to 6 months on average to detect a data breach. And, in a world where time is money, these delays can turn out to be quite costly. Recent estimates suggest that breaches that take over 30 days to contain cost an average of $1 million more than those contained within the first month.

With Continuous Monitoring, your network will be tracked around the clock, and any suspicious activity will be reported immediately. For example, tracking the changes in your attack surface can help your IT team determine if a backdoor has suddenly appeared on your network or if the firewall has been misconfigured.

Furthermore, monitoring your attack surface can help you measure your IT team's progress in securing and/or reducing your perimeter security, as well as identifying the precise strengths and gaps in your security profile.

Data Integration

As corporations continue to battle silo-effects throughout the organization, investing in an ASM tool can help boost data sharing and cross-purposing. For example, security engineers and business executives are forced to work with two separate toolkits, each containing various unrelated tools. Quantum Armor bridges that gap by providing a single platform that is easily tailored to each stakeholder's needs and expertise.

Moreover, ASM tools can help leverage already existing data, logs, and tools in order to learn more about your organization's threat profile and untapped opportunities.

Risk-Based Prioritization

Not all assets have the same value to your organization or attackers. Any ASM should automatically provide an external threat assessment, identifying the most tempting issues to attackers. Some ASMs, like Quantum Armor, go one step further and provide you with an AI-powered custom Remediation Plan, helping you focus your resources on the highest priority issues.

Unlike traditional risk assessment techniques and security questionnaires, ASM security ratings are derived from objective, externally verifiable information.

Talk with one of our representatives today to learn more about how Attack Surface Management can help improve your security. For a limited time, Quantum Armor licenses are being offered completely free of charge so that you can test-drive our platform 100% risk-free!

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