Top Takeaways from Infosecurity Europe 2023

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The latest round of Infosecurity EU took place in London a few weeks ago, bringing together thousands of industry experts, vendors and customers over three days.
As usual, Silent Breach was on-site, showcasing our security platform, Quantum Armor, and talking with our customers and partners.

For those who couldn't make it, here are our three key takeaways from this year's event:


Over the last decade, large brand names as well as powerful incumbents have been making a splash with dozens of new security technologies. Each trade show brought with it a predictable slew of flashy new tools, along with a growing list of trending acronyms. This year, however, these were noticeably absent.

Rather than experimenting with new software, customers are now consolidating their security stack, doubling down on bread-and-butter solutions, with vendors following suit. Companies at Infosecurity 2023 have shied away from emerging product categories, instead choosing to stand behind their core offerings.


Many security professionals see few signs of improvement across their security landscape. Data breaches and ransomware attacks have only been growing more common and costly, leading to a technological impasse across most security segments. Instead, CISOs are now leaning into compliance frameworks as a means of limiting exposure, reducing risk, and guiding overall strategy during these uncertain times.

However, compliance can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to obtain.

In response, a number of popular tools have launched to help companies identify compliance gaps, prepare for certification, and ensure continuous compliance.


The bulk of Infosecurity visitors this year were searching for business development, channel partnerships, and integration opportunities. Rather than expanding their user base, security firms up and down the pipeline were looking to partner, integrate, and resell their products back into the security supply chain.

Fortunately, for end users, this has the potential to create more robust, widely available, and cross-functional tools, boosting the overall functionality of existing product suites.

In summary

Despite efforts to enhance security, the overall security landscape still faces persistent challenges. These, as well as overall sector maturation, has prompted a shift towards consolidating security solutions, emphasizing compliance as a risk mitigation strategy, fostering partnerships, and resilience building. Overall, Infosecurity EU 2023 emphasized the importance of adaptation, collaboration, and compliance to address the complex and ever-changing nature of cybersecurity threats.

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