GISEC Global 2024 Recap

Cybersecurity News

The latest round of GISEC Global took place in Dubai last week, bringing together thousands of industry experts, vendors and customers over three days.
As usual, Silent Breach was on-site, showcasing our security platform, Quantum Armor, and talking with our customers and partners.

For those who couldn't make it, here are our five key takeaways from this year's event:

All in one. One in all.

A trend that we began to notice a few years ago has picked up more steam. It's now undeniable: companies are looking to do more with less. This has led to an explosion of 'all-in-one' cybersecurity solutions.

What began with fears of a general economic downturn in the wake of Covid-19, has now broadened into an overall industry trend. The days of CISOs onboarding flashy niche tools has come to an end. Security professionals have grown battle-hardened and wary of ever-expanding toolkits. In Dubai, we observed a class of CISOs who are highly selective about the tools they would like to incorporate into their security strategy, and who place the bulk of their trust in their talent rather than their tools.

Risk Quantification and Reduction

Many security professionals see few signs of improvement across their security landscape. Data breaches and ransomware attacks have only been growing more common and costly, leading to a technological impasse across most security segments. Instead, CISOs are now leaning toward risk assessment platforms to help identify their exposure, reduce their risk, and guide their overall strategy during these uncertain times.

Similarly, a number of popular tools have launched to help companies identify compliance gaps, prepare for certification, and ensure continuous compliance.

Products for products for products.

As the security industry has reached a point of relative maturity, organizations have more or less settled on their core cybersecurity software stack. This has enabled developers to invest in second and third tier products to help support the industry staples.

Fortunately, for end users, this has the potential to create more robust, focused, and cross-functional tools, boosting the overall functionality of existing product suites.

AI. All bark, no bite.

With the recent advances in AI, we were eager to explore how cybersecurity vendors would position their offerings to take full advantage of these new capabilities. Unfortunately, and somewhat surprisingly, we will have to keep waiting.

While a number of corporate vendors and fresh startups did make an effort to bake AI into their marketing messaging, to the discerning consumer it was quickly evident that 'marketing messaging' was all it was.

Post-Breach Protection

Finally, CISOs have accepted that the days of large-scale and disruptive data breaches will be with us for the near future. Accordingly, they're beginning to dig deeper trenches as they try to withstand the incessant volley of attacks that we're sure to see in the coming months and years.

Security professionals want to go into battle with stronger weapons. This translates to post-breach tools that help them isolate, disrupt, and repel attacks that have already achieved initial network penetration.

In summary

Despite efforts to enhance security, the overall security landscape still faces persistent challenges. These, as well as overall sector maturation, has prompted a shift towards consolidating security solutions, emphasizing risk quantification and mitigation, and building post-breach resilience.

With that being said, GenAI still holds tremendous promise for the industry, with solutions like Quantum Armor leveraging this exciting new technology to help predict breaches, plan mitigation, and vastly improve security reporting. We look forward to seeing more advancements in upcoming trade shows.

Overall, GISEC Global 2024 emphasized the importance of adaptation, collaboration, and offensive security to address the complex and persistent cybersecurity threats.

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