Silent Breach to Serve as Strategic Advisor to SharePass

Press Release

NYC, New York, December 19, 2021 -(PR)- Silent Breach today announced that it is partnering with SharePass to provide secure cross-platform information sharing.
"Silent Breach is excited to serve as a strategic cybersecurity advisor for SharePass," said Marc Castejon, CEO of Silent Breach. "Data is often most vulnerable while in transit, and as phishing attacks continue to spike, it’s essential that businesses and individuals think critically about their communication tools and practices. SharePass is an innovative player in an emerging field, and we’re proud to support them on their journey."

SharePass is an online solution for sharing confidential information using a web application, browser extension, or mobile app. SharePass delivers a one-time encrypted link from the sender to the receiver; the link expires once opened, leaving no digital footprint behind. With SharePass, users can seamlessly integrate secure communication into their current channels without installing any new applications or agents.

SharePass also includes an open API and Webhooks that provide enterprise users access to further integrations and full control over their custom encryption algorithm.

The SharePass platform is currently in limited release. A full product release is planned for January 2022.

"At SharePass, cybersecurity is in our DNA," said Yuri Miloslavsky, Founder & CEO of SharePass. "Through our partnership with Silent Breach, we will gain strategic access to their global expertise and tactical experience, ensuring that our users are leveraging the cutting-edge of digital security."

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