SharePass Launches Globally

Press Release

Silent Breach has partnered with data security firm, SharePass, to provide secure cross-platform information sharing. We are pleased to announce that the global launch will take place on March 14, 2022.
SharePass is an online solution for confidential information sharing. With SharePass, users convert data into an encrypted link with just the click of a button. The link expires once opened, leaving no digital footprint behind. Users can seamlessly integrate secure communication into their current channels without installing any new applications or agents.

Enterprise customers can leverage a suite of additional features including:

  • API integration into your business software.

  • Event handling using SharePass webhooks.

  • Custom encryption with your preferred protocol.

  • Use your existing cloud identity provider for SSO.

  • Dedicated instance set in your preferred region.

  • Security keys integration with physical NFC\U2F\BIO keys.

"Since its inception, Silent Breach has been dedicated to offering turnkey solutions to the industry's greatest challenges," said Marc Castejon, Founder & CEO of Silent Breach. "To that end, we've been proud to partner with, advise, and invest in companies that further that vision. SharePass is offering businesses a safer, more secure way to care for their data, and we're excited to join them on their journey."

To learn more about SharePass, visit them at:

Further information about Silent Breach and our Partnerships program can be found by visiting or emailing us at

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