Top 10 Vulnerability Management Providers for 2020

Cybersecurity Trends

Silent Breach is honored to announce that we've been recognized as a Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solutions Provider in 2020. In part, this is due to the release of Quantum Armor, our next-generation attack surface monitoring solution.                       

"What sets Silent Breach apart from its competitors is its Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. Silent Breach's Quantum Armor leverages the power of artificial intelligence to spot trends, unusual events, and unexpected changes in configuration. The company's unique machine learning engine can process millions of lines of logs per second from Amazon, Google Cloud, or Azure to extract any relevant information. To deliver enhanced flexibility, the company's continuous cybersecurity monitoring solution is offered either as a service (SaaS) or on-premises. Quantum Armor also provides a dashboard where users can not only view the attack surface easily but also receive immediate assistance to reduce the attacks."

Furthermore, Enterprise Security Magazine recognized Silent Breach's award-winning managed solutions that provide our clients with competitive 24/7 cybersecurity coverage:

"Silent Breach also offers a wide range of managed security services that include continuous monitoring, network security assessments, WebApp testing and source code review. 'Our ultimate aim is to provide 360-degree cybersecurity coverage by designing our products and services to function as an integrated turnkey solution,' mentions Castejon."

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