Silent Breach Introduces Quantum Protect

Press Release

NYC, New York, December 04, 2022 -(PR)- Intelligent External Defence platform Quantum Armor now includes Quantum Protect, a next-generation digital shield that enables active attack surface reduction and intelligent external security defence.
"We're very excited to announce the newest layer of our security suite," said Marc Castejon, CEO of Silent Breach. "Over the past few years, Quantum Armor has been helping organizations around the world to detect and mitigate threats across their cloud, application, and social infrastructure. Now, with Quantum Protect, we’ve taken it one step further, expanding our proactive security approach beyond a company’s perimeter."

Quantum Armor, a Silent Breach product, provides real-time network monitoring, security analytics, threat intelligence and mitigation planning. With the new Quantum Protect module enabled, users will now be able to instantly deploy a robust anti-DDoS shield across their digital perimeter. Quantum Protect combines SSL hardening with an advanced WAF capable of sustaining up to 10 Tbps.

"Quantum Armor was created with the mission of providing organizations with intelligent external defense. Quantum Protect accomplishes this in three ways," said Andrew Miller, Quantum Armor Product Manager. "Firstly, once users deploy the digital buffer, their attack surface, representing the totality of their digital exposure, is reduced significantly and instantaneously. Secondly, any incoming attacks or asset discovery attempts are forcibly repelled without ever affecting the home-base environment. And finally, data gathered in the process is automatically fed back into the Quantum Armor engine to help prepare for future threats."

The official launch of Quantum Protect will take place at BlackHat Europe 2022 in London on December 7th. Quantum Armor is an official sponsor of BlackHat and will be located at Booth 239.

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