Quantum Armor Threat Intel Now Defends Against Ransomware

Press Release

NYC, New York, January 18, 2023 -(PR)- Due to the recent proliferation of ransomware attacks, Quantum Armor has added additional threat intelligence capabilities specifically targeting a range of ransomware strains and attack vectors.
"Ransomware risks are well known and remain a top industry concern," said Marc Castejon, CEO of Silent Breach. "At the same time, traditional anti-ransomware solutions have fallen short, leaving many companies exposed even after investing in expensive and complex tooling. To help close this gap, Quantum Armor employs a NATO-backed threat intelligence engine specially designed to help organizations identify, detect, and respond to potential ransomware attacks."

Quantum Armor, a Silent Breach product, provides real-time network monitoring, security analytics, threat intelligence and mitigation planning. With this additional threat intelligence feed, Quantum Armor collects ransomware data from a select group of OSINT sources, industry partners, and government agencies and correlates these against your network activity and configuration. IoCs, TTPs, and Dark Web data are combined with social intelligence, web application scans and cloud auditing to present a live, comprehensive and intelligent overview of your ransomware stance.

"The reality is that ransomware is a holistic threat which requires a holistic solution," said Andrew Miller, Quantum Armor Product Manager. "As opposed to some 'silver-bullet' products on the market, Quantum Armor understands that hackers leverage a range of vulnerabilities in order to plant ransomware, cutting across social engineering, 0-days, cloud misconfigurations, and 3rd party data breaches. This is why we built the first platform to show you exactly how you appear to hackers, at each step of the cyber kill chain."

To learn more about Quantum Armor or schedule a demo, visit: quantum-armor.com

Further information about the Silent Breach can be found at: silentbreach.com

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