Quantum Armor Now Includes On-Demand Security Audits

Press Release

NYC, New York, November 3, 2021 -(PR)- Silent Breach today announced that Quantum Armor now supports security reporting on both a continuous monitoring and on-demand basis.
"With the recent uptick in disruptive cyberattacks showing no signs of slowing, cyber-related risks have become increasingly acute and pervasive. In response, many of our clients working in the financial services industry have begun to include robust cybersecurity auditing in their standard due diligence process," said Marc Castejon, CEO of Silent Breach. "To support these efforts, we've expanded Quantum Armor to provide all of the benefits of traditional attack surface monitoring on a completely on-demand basis."

Quantum Armor provides real-time network monitoring, data analysis, and threat intelligence. Utilizing a range of proprietary algorithms, Quantum Armor is able to perform agentless port monitoring, configuration reviews, log parsing, and attack surface benchmarking with the click of a button. With this latest upgrade, cyber due diligence for insurers, lenders, investors, and M&A transactions have never been easier or more affordable.

"Quantum Armor has enabled us to grow our own capabilities alongside our clients', as we work hand-in-hand to meet tangible industry challenges," said Andrew Miller, Quantum Armor Product Manager. "We understood that there was a real need for a light-weight security platform that could conform to time-sensitive financial lifecycles and requirements. Quantum Armor bridges that gap by providing a single turnkey platform that can be easily onboarded, powered up, and deactivated in just a few minutes."

To learn more about Quantum Armor and register for a free trial, visit https://quantum-armor.com.

Further information about the Silent Breach can be found at: https://silentbreach.com.

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