Quantum Armor Now Includes Asset Mapping and Discovery

Press Release

NYC, New York, June 29, 2022 -(PR)- Silent Breach today announced that attack surface management platform, Quantum Armor, now includes fully-automated digital asset mapping and discovery.
Quantum Armor provides real-time network monitoring, data analytics, and mitigation planning. Utilizing a range of proprietary algorithms, Quantum Armor is able to perform agentless port monitoring, configuration reviews, log parsing, and attack surface benchmarking with the click of a button. With this latest upgrade, digital asset discovery and mapping is now included at no extra charge.

"Expanding services, IoT devices, and third-party applications are constantly in flux, making it nearly impossible to maintain a realistic view of your cyber posture," said Andrew Miller, Quantum Armor Product Manager. "Quantum Armor enables you to build a complete inventory of your digital network and alerts you to any new assets within your attack surface as well as any unexpected network activity or changes."

Taking the known assets as a starting point, Quantum Armor uses discovery tools to find subdomains and other connected assets. Technology fingerprinting is then used to generate a clear picture of how your network appears to external parties, its overall performance, along with any exposed data on the open or dark webs.

"Upon activating Quantum Armor, some of our customers immediately discovered new assets they didn’t even know existed and found servers that were publicly accessible," explains Marc Castejon, CEO of Silent Breach.

To learn more about Quantum Armor or schedule a demo, visit https://quantum-armor.com.

Further information about Silent Breach can be found at: https://silentbreach.com.

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