New Quantum Armor Upgrade Rolls Out Expanded Team Capabilities

Product Upgrade

NYC, New York, July 24, 2021 -(PR)- Quantum Armor has added a new Teams module to boost cross-functional utilization and expand access to in-depth monitoring, auditing, and analytics throughout your organization.
"We're incredibly excited to bring the full power of Quantum Armor to your entire team. At Silent Breach, we believe that cybersecurity must be an organization-wide effort, so expanding Quantum Armor's teamwork capabilities was always a top priority," said Marc Castejon, CEO of Silent Breach. "By opting into our new Teams module, our users will have the opportunity to exponentially grow their advance-monitoring and mitigation capabilities at no additional cost."

Quantum Armor provides real-time network monitoring, data analysis, and threat intelligence. Utilizing a range of proprietary algorithms, Quantum Armor is able to execute agentless port monitoring, configuration changes, log parsing, attack surface fluctuations and emerging cybersecurity trends at the click of a button. Actionable insights are delivered daily to make sure you start your day with only the latest intelligence.

The new Teams module comes in the wake of other major product upgrades including cloud monitoring, mitigation tracking, and bulk import/export, as well as a native mobile application.
"The cybersecurity landscape continues to become increasingly complex, and a robust company-wide security management platform is key to any effective cybersecurity strategy," said Andrew Miller, Quantum Armor Product Manager. "Accordingly, and in collaboration with our partners and clients, we've developed Quantum Armor to serve users across the organization, from security technicians and IT managers all the way up to C-Suite executives. We believe that having a single company-wide solution at the heart of your organization's cybersecurity program will improve your ability to monitor, predict, and adapt to most security events."

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