Introducing Quantum Armor

Press Release

St Petersburg, Florida, August 6, 2019 -(PR)- Silent Breach has opened applications for a beta-version of Quantum Armor, their next-generation cyber security continuous monitoring product.
"We've spent years developing a single integrated application to meet the security needs of the modern organization," said Marc Castejon, CEO of Silent Breach. "Silent Breach firmly believes that cutting-edge cybersecurity needs to be widely available and simple to implement. It was with this principle in mind that we developed Quantum Armor, a truly revolutionary technology that combines continuous monitoring, proactive threat detection, and AI-driven trend-spotting under one roof."

Quantum Armor integrates directly with cloud hosting services such as AWS and MS Azure to provide real-time network monitoring, data analysis and AI-driven forecasting. Moreover, it utilizes Silent Breach's proprietary Q-Traceback technology to pinpoint the geographical origins of attempted attacks. This, along with port monitoring, configuration changes, log parsing, attack surface fluctuations and emerging cybersecurity trends are delivered straight to your inbox to make sure you start your day with only the latest intelligence.

"With Quantum Armor, we took a step back and seriously engaged with the security needs and pain points faced by any company," said Andrew Miller, Quantum Armor Product Manager. "Until now, security engineers and business executives have been forced to work with two different toolkits, each containing various disjointed tools. Quantum Armor hopes to bridge that gap by providing a single platform that is easily tailored to each stakeholder's needs and expertise."

Those interested in joining the free beta program are encouraged to submit an application at

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