Corrective measures

Our next generation SIEM doesn't only offer insights into your network, it also pro-actively offer curative measures to mitigate the risks as soon as they are detected.

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Massively scalable

With support to up to one million devices, the Silent Breach NxSIEM is the tool of choice for large enterprise networks of heterogenous devices.

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Reduced operational costs

With our intuive interface and intelligent correlation and aggregation engine, manage large enterprise networks with a smaller team of security experts.

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Saas or on premise

Our flexible SIEM solution is offered as a service (Saas) or on premise, to be as flexible as possible for our customer's needs.

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One million+ monitored devices in a single instance
Massive scalling capabilities

Our optimized and secured protocols allow to grow as fast as you do.

Friendly user interface

Our easy to use interface is available on Desktop computers, tablets, phones or whatever your favorite device is.

Clear and to the point reports

Advanced aggregation and correlation engines, that leverage Artifical Intelligence to better cut down on the clutter of false positives.


Dedicated support

We proud ourselves with assisting all our customers with premium support level through our 24/7/365 calling center.

Intelligent endpoints

Our SIEM solution doesn't simply collect log files, it brings full blown AI to the edge to better help detect attacks and prevent data breaches.

Visualize your attack surface

Our advanced dashboard allows for easy visualization of your attack surface and offers tip to reduce it, a key determining factor in minimizing breaches on your network.

Silent Breach NxSIEM

Your security posture at a glance

Understand your security posture and how much attack surface you are exposing out there is key to a good security strategy. Silent Breach NxSIEM allows you to quickly visualize your attack surface and reduce it quickly and efficiently.

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Our Team

Our team of experts is available for any questions you might have, feel free to reach out!

Eric Muller

EMEA Sales Manager for Enterprises, Eric has extensive experience in the Enterprise cyber security industry.

Marc Castejon

CEO and Founder of Silent Breach, Marc has over 20 years experience in product development and cyber security.

Samual James

North America Sales Manager for Enterprises, Samuel has extensive experience in the Defense industry.

Our technical support team is available 24/7/265 for any technical questions you might have.

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More awesome features

NxSIEM can do even more for you.


NxTraceback the attack

Our unique NxTraceback™ technology helps you localize in real time who is attacking you, and automatically blacklist their IP. This information is then shared accross your entire fleet of devices so that your entire perimeter is locked down and sealed against this particular attacker.

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Built-in honeypots

Our endpoint agents can emulate a deceptive target to trap hackers into thinking they have hacked your device. Our unique NxHoneypot™ technology allows the system to identify with a very high degree of accuracy real hacking attempts from false positive.

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Monitor your server load in real time

Our advanced monitoring system allows you to easily check in real time the health of your servers as well as the endpoints.


DDoS detection has never been so easy

Unusual spikes in server or endpoint activity is immediately reported and blocked by our SmartDetect™ system. In combination with NxTraceback™, the origins of the DDoS attacks are automatically blacklisted and filtered on every endpoint in your organization.

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CCTV integration to secure your physical perimeter

Our advanced object detection system analyses your CCTV feeds to check for intrusions in your server rooms, or check for non compliant behaviors or devices.


360° security for your company

By integrating CCTV camera feeds into our Next-generation SIEM, Silent Breach can offer an all-around security solution for your company, by monitoring physical and digital assets in real time.

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SmartProtect™ AI case handling

Our advanced correlation engine can cut thourgh the clutter of the overwhelming amount of false positive traditional SIEM systems can generate, and help you get right to the point.

126 862 Total events

The overwhelming amount of events generated by your entire system network, including servers, firewalls, desktop computer, laptops, phones, and tablets are collected by our on-device/off-device agents and centralized on our servers.

Events collected
Since yesterday 10:06am

3 456 Cases opened

SmartProtect correlates events and filters out false positive to only retain the most relevant cases, gathering contextual information and raw logs for in-depth analysis.

Cases opened
Today 11:04am

6 Cases requiring human attention

Silent Breach's NxSIEM automatically processes cases, taking prevention measures if needed to mitigate risks or potential attacks. By sharing threat information between all nodes and preventing attacks before they occur, NxSIEM reduces the amount of cases that need to be processed by humans to a manageable amount.

Real attacks identified
Today 11:37am

What our customers say

A word from our trusted customers

"Truly mind blowing, this tool was adopted by our infosec team within days of testing it. Kudos to the Silent Breach team for bringing us what is now the keystone of our security strategy"
Andrew Williams
The LightBulb Company from California
"Uncover many features that lie under the hood to really measure the full potential of the NxSIEM, this very flexible tool has allowed us to cover all our use cases with minimal effort."
John Hanigan
SparkWorks SRL from Madrid
"Very scalable and easy to install, the system was up and running within minutes... Strongly recommend Silent Breach NxSIEM to companies that need serious security."
Tim Regnar
Ubiquity SA from France

Need more reasons to choose NxSIEM?

More great features to help you choose Silent Breach as your next SIEM dashboard.


Built-in instant messaging

Because communication is crutial during a crisis, NxSIEM integrates a secure messaging protocol so that IT security officiers can efficiently coordinate and formulate a plan to block an attack before it becomes critical.


Precision search

With its built-in high precision searching tool, dig out any event for forensics within minutes, and correlate them with other event using how smart correlation engine.


Spot trends

Our Smart Aggregation engine can spot trends and compare historical data to determine increases or decreases is certain types of attacks. Predict trends and attacks before they occur with Silent Breach NxSIEM.


News feed

Stay up to date with data breaches that make headline news, get prepared for new threats using our integrated news feed straight in the NxSIEM dashboard.

Nx SIEM Pricing

Flexible pricing to suit your needs.

  • Saas NxSIEM
  • NxSIEM running out of Silent Breach's SOC, this easy to deploy solution is hosted and maintained on our server, worry-free.
  • $30 / month per device
  • Volume discounts over 100 endpoints
  • Full featured NxSIEM
  • NxTraceback™ technology
  • NxHoneypot™ technology
  • Ultra-portable endpoint software
  • Coming soon
  • Closed beta
  • The closed beta program is a unique opportunity for selected partners to try out the NxSIEM before its official release, give feedback, suggest new features, and influence the product roadmap.
  • FREE
  • Enjoy various personnalized perks
  • Full featured NxSIEM + latest unreleased features
  • NxTraceback™ technology
  • NxHoneypot™ technology
  • Ultra-portable endpoint software
  • Open registration
  • Signup
  • On-premise NxSIEM
  • On-premise servers ready to go and pre-configured for your environment.
  • $240 / year
  • Volume discounts over 100 endpoints
  • Full featured NxSIEM
  • NxTraceback™ technology
  • NxHoneypot™ technology
  • Ultra-portable endpoint software
  • Coming soon

*Volume discount applies for 100 licences and more, please contact a sales representative below for a personalized quote.

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